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Trump – Keep On Protesting to Protect

Trump, whose sense of superiority comes at the cost of others; children, women’s health care and our environment for example must always be called out.

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How Trump’s Obliterating Black Legacy And History

As Black People fight for Black History to be recognised, Trump is trying to obliterate a black legacy. Barack Obama. The Obama’s are a thorn in the side of Trump and all those with a reductionist view of Black people. Trump’s raison d’etre is to remove the legacy of Obama and with it the idea of Black respectability.

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Ending Net Neutrality Silences Black Women

Black women and communities will be the biggest losers if net neutrality ends. And that comes at the expense of social justice, education and democracy. So, the Senate must restore net neutrality or the only people with voices will be rich white men.

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White Supremacy, Trump And The American Dream

Trump could not genuinely condemn the violence of white supremacy in Charlottesville. He is a product of white supremacy. Trump and white supremacy is the manifestation of the American Dream.

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Trump Populism Never Ends Well Ask Africa

Donald Trump who is currently facing 75 lawsuits is President Elect. Trump is the latest in a line of populist politicians. He makes impossible promises, appeals to the basest sentiments and the forgotten voter.  But history shows that these ‘champions‘ of the people are a portent that humans are walking blindly into another period of…

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Trump The Political Trade Off Decency For Racism

Braggadocious Trump is a misogynist whose confession of sexual violations upon women is not a surprise.  He has groomed society by normalising deviant behaviour.  Despite this chequered past, he has had $2 billion of free media coverage which cemented his political position.  Trump supporters insist his behaviour is normal while others accept the bigotry for a racist/anti-establishment…

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Orlando: The Politics of Hate

The murder of 49 and injury to 53 members of the LGBTI community was simply the politics of hate.

Two of the UK’s leading newspapers did not even carry the attack on their front page.

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