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Gender Neutral Toilets By All Means But Not At The Expense Of Women Loos

So, should gender neutral toilets exist? Yes, but not at the expense of women only toilets.  The real question is not about who is using the loo but why we have so few public toilets in public spaces.

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The Science & Health of Women and The Trans-women Debate

Germaine Greer has caused a storm and made the headlines for saying that transgender women are ‘not real women’ and that ‘misogyny played a big part’ in the crowning of Caitlyn Jenner as Glamour’s Woman of the Year.  As much as I empathise with transgender issues, the physiology between the sexes is different and that…

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Mother or Father but Not Both

Fay Purdham is in a unique position because of scientific advances.  Fay, who was born a boy, along with hormone treatments, has had sexual realignment surgery to create a woman’s body.  Fortunately, socially progressive attitudes are accepting of the medical condition gender dysphoria.  This is where a person can feel very strongly they do not…

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