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How Tories Created Our Hostile Environment

Theresa May did not create the hostile environment with her immigration policy; it was an extension of the Tory’s existing hostile enviroment culture.  So, we have to push back before Caring Society become a thing of the past.

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Is Racism A Requirement For Being Tory?

The Tories seem to have their finger on the race button. So, I wonder in the anniversary year of the Nationality Act 1948 if accepting racism is a requirement of being Tory.

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Tory Landslide Buries Democracy and Social Care

A Tory landslide election result would mean Britain becomes a one-party state without active opposition. That would undermine democracy and social policy which is frightening.

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The 2015 Election That Everybody Lost

“A man without a vote is a man without protection.” Lyndon B Johnson   Much will be made of the 2015 General Election but the six week lead in campaigns were lacklustre and just 66% of the electorate voted. We certainly lost some big political hitters like Vince Cable, Ed Balls, Simon Hughes and Nick Clegg….

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Lies, Damn Lies and The Electorate

The General Election is days away and our expectation is that our newspapers would provide honest and accurate stories. It follows that bias or misrepresentation in reporting may be unwittingly absorbed by the readers. I wrote an article on the need for the media and the press in particular to have a duty of care…

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