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Terrorism – The Dialogue of Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The only way to prevent terrorism is to open dialogue with those who despise our way of life. The choice is between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

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Jeremy Corbyn v Theresa May : Poison v Policy

When Theresa May called the election, to silence her party’s Eurosceptics, her lead was unassailable. The thrust of her campaign was to choose between Jeremy Corbyn and herself. Corbyn was written off as the jester. Nonetheless, Corbyn is eroding May’s lead. So, the ‘nasty party’ are again trying to undermine Corbyn with a spate of…

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Orlando: The Politics of Hate

The murder of 49 and injury to 53 members of the LGBTI community was simply the politics of hate.

Two of the UK’s leading newspapers did not even carry the attack on their front page.

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Brussel’s Attack – Fear, Blame and Offensive Behaviour

  The terrorist attacks in Brussels frightened people across Europe.  In reality, one is more likely to be killed by a bee sting in the UK than be murdered by a terror attack.  When people are scared, positive leadership is needed, especially in times of terrorism or war.  Unfortunately, David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has…

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The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave – The Tale of Two Americas

A white gunman opened fire in a black church in Charleston after sitting in the congregation for an hour. He killed nine black people. This was not a hate crime. Nor was it the actions of a mentally ill man. To date, neither mental health experts or the killer’s medical history has supported this customary…

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