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Oppression and Racism in 2018

We are moving into a time and space when oppression and racism are in danger of being acceptable. Here are two people fighting back in art and in sport.

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Abigail Fisher Attacks Affirmative Action

Abigail Fisher wanted to read a degree at the University of Texas, Austin (UT) so she applied. They did not accept her application because her grades were too low.  Nonetheless, Abigail was aggrieved.  She sued UT on their admission’s policy claiming it put her at a disadvantage because she is white.  UT policy considers academic…

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Far More In Common Than Separates Us

Human beings commit atrocities on each other because of sex, race, and religion. Despite this, we have far more in common than separates us. Two schoolgirls, one Muslim and one Jewish (below) are proof of this. Four years ago today, London welcomed the world for the Olympic Games. The central message of the opening games…

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