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Grenfell Fire Is Not About Theresa May, It’s Bigger

Imagine my horror at defending Theresa May, back bencher in waiting, but the Grenfell fire is not her fault.  It is the fault of us all and neoliberalism.

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Grenfell Social Housing Lives Matter

As predicted by the residents, Grenfell Tower a 24 storey social housing block containing 127 units is a fire damaged blackened shell. The fire was preventable by the installation of a sprinkler system during the £10m refurbishment. It would have cost thousands not millions. The impact of this major incident will be greater than those…

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Sian Berry: “London Needs A Green Mayor”

Galaxy Radio invited Green Party Mayoral Candidate Siân Berry into the studio to discuss her policies for London. Siân is a warm and charming person with a strong vision for London as you will hear in the audio of the interview below.  Her vision is small business and people centred. For Siân , housing is…

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When did ownership become a pre- requisite for responsibility? The mass media would have us believing that tenants, especially those in social housing are another species, incapable of being responsible and damaging property at will.  One bad apple should not be allowed to spoil the whole bunch.

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