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National Health Service Privatisation – Life Without The NHS

National health service Privatisation is not necessary. Before the NHS affordable health care was beyond the reach of most people. That must not happen again.

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Life Without The NHS – A Bleak & Barbarous Time

There is no money for the NHS, or so we are told. And suddenly there is talk of finding 100 billion pounds for the American nuclear Trident system. If the Government can find money to kill people, surely it can find money to heal people, The Only time that a nuclear weapon has ever been deployed…

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A Golliwog In 2015. Really?

Mr Artwell, in the picture wearing the er…golliwog says, “When I was growing up in this country this guy was popular. In 2015 I don’t want white liberal types telling me what I should be offended by”. Somebody should Mr Artwell, somebody should. There is no such thing as cultural exceptions, for golliwog or the…

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Exhibit B

Slavery and Colonialism are terrible atrocities, the evils of which have never been perpetrated on any other race like that against the African. As an avid student of history and somebody that has continually read and studied the machinations of Europeans on Africa, I felt I had a total understanding of the black holocaust. I…

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