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Women, Why Don’t We Believe Them?

From abuse to medical health, the police and society don’t believe women. It’s time to stop failing 50% of the population and believe them when they speak.

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Breast Ironing

The abuse heaped upon women, never ceases to amaze me. Here in London we have seen a marked increase in the number of sexual assaults against women on trains. The seriousness of the matter may have been lost in the furore caused by the press misrepresenting Jeremy Corbyn. He suggested investigating women only carriages as…

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Pitfalls of The Teen Morning After Pill

The sale of the morning after pill to girls under sixteen should be universally celebrated. It is taken ‘just in case’ after unprotected sex. This provides girls with the kindest method of control over their reproductive rights. It is guilt free because the girl may not even be pregnant when the pill is taken. There…

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