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Woody Allen, Hollywood Monsters And How We Stop Them

The host of creatives prepared to work with Woody Allen proves that Hollywood is not prepared to resolve the abuse of females in the industry. But we can.

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Breast Ironing

The abuse heaped upon women, never ceases to amaze me. Here in London we have seen a marked increase in the number of sexual assaults against women on trains. The seriousness of the matter may have been lost in the furore caused by the press misrepresenting Jeremy Corbyn. He suggested investigating women only carriages as…

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Patriarchy Wins – Should Women Be Defending Bill Cosby?

A number of women have made allegations of sexual molestation against Bill Cosby. It has been easy to dismiss their claims because that lovable father Dr Huxtable aka Bill Cosby is one of the “three most believable…personalities in the world”.1 An article by Feminista Jones has reminded me of how easy it is to fall…

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