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Oppression and Racism in 2018

We are moving into a time and space when oppression and racism are in danger of being acceptable. Here are two people fighting back in art and in sport.

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Roseanne Ambien and Apologies Don’t Excuse Racism

Advance warning taking Ambien can make you racist. Well, that’s the sorry excuse Roseanne Barr has made for calling Valerie Jarrett an ape. But Barr has form for racism. So sadly but necessarily, Roseanne had to go.

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Katie Hopkins Comeuppance

Katie Hopkins a heartless rightwing columnist made a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) against the Daily Mirror.  She won and lost at the same time.

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Tolerance Is A Gift – Share It

Intolerance gives rise to division and hate attacks. Tolerance is bland. But the gift of active tolerance is in your hands, the question is do you want to share it?

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Race Hate Fuelled By Headlines

The foster system and child sex abuse problems are far more complex than race. But heading them off under the guise of race is far easier than the truth.

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Yes, Who Says N***** Matters

When white people use the N-Word, it evokes ugly haunting images of white peoples lack of compassion and humanity. The evil they visited on black people. That is why they should never use the N*****.

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Racism White People N***** Empty Apologies

A jolly in apartheid South Africa breaching international sanctions didn’t stop David Cameron becoming PM. The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, didn’t need to use anything as sophisticated as “Mutton-headed old mugwump” to ridicule black people. He merely described us as ‘piccaninnies’ with ‘watermelon smiles’ who should be grateful that white people saved us from relying…

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Post Truth and Alternative Facts Are 500 Years Old

Post Truth and Alternative Facts are the latest headlines, but it’s not news to somebody like me. I have lived my life negotiating a deliberately false perception of who I am. For 500 years, black people have endured post truth and alternative facts politics. We still do, and it continues to affect our lives adversely….

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