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Latte Levy All Froth And No Coffee

The UK’s solution to coffee cup pollution is to make the consumer pay a surcharge of 25p per cup. That is not going to stop pollution. The government, nor coffee shops have the appetite to make a real difference. That leaves it up to you and me and stainless steel.

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Plastic Straws – Why Shouldn’t Use Them

Plastic straws are dangerous. And moving away from the habit of using them will have an enormous life-saving affect.

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Sian Berry: “London Needs A Green Mayor”

Galaxy Radio invited Green Party Mayoral Candidate Siân Berry into the studio to discuss her policies for London. Siân is a warm and charming person with a strong vision for London as you will hear in the audio of the interview below.  Her vision is small business and people centred. For Siân , housing is…

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VW – Let The Buyer Beware

Companies through marketing, have convinced citizens that they have the same goals and values.  In new the relaxed seller-buyer relationships, the golden rule of caveat emptor, (let the buyer beware,) seems forgotten. Companies give the impression that they are working in our best interests. For example ‘McDonald’s is proud to be a part of the…

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