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Fidel Castro – Cuba’s White Revolution

Fidel Castro died aged 90 in his sleep.  No thanks to America.  Castro rejected America and its decadence. Consequently, he escaped 600 assassination attempts.  From Dwight Eisenhower to George Bush Junior (10 Presidents) tried to kill and otherwise oust him from power at the cost of more than $1bn.   Castro was a man with…

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US 2016 Election The Politics Of Misogyny

FBI Director James Comey told the Republicans of a further investigation into the emails of Hilary Clinton.  Well, they were not Hilary’s but her colleague’s. An explosive media frenzy  followed. Suspiciously,  there is talk, but no detail.  Adding insult to injury, the FBI told Hilary’s camp of the email enquiry after the Republicans.  The FBI’s…

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Trump The Political Trade Off Decency For Racism

Braggadocious Trump is a misogynist whose confession of sexual violations upon women is not a surprise.  He has groomed society by normalising deviant behaviour.  Despite this chequered past, he has had $2 billion of free media coverage which cemented his political position.  Trump supporters insist his behaviour is normal while others accept the bigotry for a racist/anti-establishment…

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Racism Sexism May Become Lost Voices With Popularism

It is because of the pain of racism and sexism we must be careful about the type of popularism that we embrace

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Keith Vaz’s Resignation Was Overdue

  In the wake of the allegations that he paid for the services of two male prostitutes, Keith Vaz has resigned as the chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee.  Since 2007 he had headed this most influential Commons’ committee. He was not fit to be appointed because in his words “Those who hold others…

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Ban The Burka and The Beard

Experts find non-Muslim men carry out the majority of terrorist attacks people like Anders Breivik. Not Muslim women wearing the burka.

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Parliamentary Labour Party vs Corbyn

Blaming Corbyn for Brexit is incomprehensible. The Parliament Labour Party seized an opportunity to foster their ambitions above the needs of the nation but leadership is about purpose and belief.

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Newspapers use to hold the Establishment to account. Today, they are the power. In the UK, they decide Prime Ministers and headlines misrepresent stories.

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Brussel’s Attack – Fear, Blame and Offensive Behaviour

  The terrorist attacks in Brussels frightened people across Europe.  In reality, one is more likely to be killed by a bee sting in the UK than be murdered by a terror attack.  When people are scared, positive leadership is needed, especially in times of terrorism or war.  Unfortunately, David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has…

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Iain Duncan Smith Is Not A Hero!

  Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) has resigned as Secretary to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).  His letter of resignation cited the Chancellor’s ‘indefensible’ proposed budgetary cuts to Personal Independent Payments (PIP), the disability benefit, as the reason.  The mainstream media have hailed him as a hero.  I believe this is misplaced.  IDS has…

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