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Oppression and Racism in 2018

We are moving into a time and space when oppression and racism are in danger of being acceptable. Here are two people fighting back in art and in sport.

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Racism Sexism May Become Lost Voices With Popularism

It is because of the pain of racism and sexism we must be careful about the type of popularism that we embrace

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Far More In Common Than Separates Us

Human beings commit atrocities on each other because of sex, race, and religion. Despite this, we have far more in common than separates us. Two schoolgirls, one Muslim and one Jewish (below) are proof of this. Four years ago today, London welcomed the world for the Olympic Games. The central message of the opening games…

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The Privilege Prince: Harry

I read a recent story About our Prince Harry He told the media He could never go and tarry He could not drink alone People were like his tracking drones What Harry forgot to say There are hundreds of zones where the people are kept at bay He mixes with his own kind, rich, privileged,…

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That’s When You’re Living

Rarely do things go the way you plan, sometimes there are unexpected moments of brilliance, but very rarely, hard work is meant to pay off and in an ideal world it would, but this is not an ideal world, 9 times out of 10 you’re going to work yourself into the ground and get nowhere,…

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Arts, Exhibitions & Events

  Round up of this week’s ‘must do’ arts, exhibitions and events. Bare Lit Festival 26 –  28 Feb 2016 Betsey Trotwood and Freeword Centre London. The first UK festival dedicated to black and minority-ethnic writers debuts over three days in Farringdon, London.  Writers include the celebrated Sudanese-born novelist Leila Aboulela, winner of the Caine prize for…

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