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Insurance – Citizens Are Being Denied Access To Justice

The Tory Government is set to deny citizens access to justice, but it’s kerching for the insurance industry. So much for the first rule of government is to protect its citizens. That said the Tories have always professed to be the party of business. And this legal shake-up indeed proves it.

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NHS Safeguarding Beware Tory Privatisation

The NHS is as safe with Brexit Ministers as ‘A pet hamster with a hungry python’ (Sir John Major – Tory) so we have to rescue it from Tory privatisation

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Employment Boom Tory Miracle or Mirage?

Theresa May brags the employment rate is at an all-time high. How can there be such high employment and yet working people are homeless and using food banks. And at the same time, the numbers of registered companies have doubled. Mircle or a mirage?

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Abortion battling over women’s bodies denying human rights

In N-Ireland abortion is banned. Women caught trying to own their bodies and having an abortion could face lengthy imprisonment. Unlike the rest of Britain.

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Roseanne Ambien and Apologies Don’t Excuse Racism

Advance warning taking Ambien can make you racist. Well, that’s the sorry excuse Roseanne Barr has made for calling Valerie Jarrett an ape. But Barr has form for racism. So sadly but necessarily, Roseanne had to go.

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Drill Music Responsible For Violent London

Cressida Dick, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, blames drill music and videos for the rise in violent crime in London. Dick’s bold statement is not backed up by any supporting evidence. So, if there is no proof extreme music makes one angrier then why is Drill, a Black music genre, targeted?

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Solo Another Struggling Star Wars Story

The first time around, Star Wars was something to behold.  It was the beginning of making geekdom cool. But Solo, the latest Star Wars Blockbuster is not the expected hit and box office takings so low! 😂

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Katie Hopkins Comeuppance

Katie Hopkins a heartless rightwing columnist made a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) against the Daily Mirror.  She won and lost at the same time.

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Whatever Happened To Personal Responsibility

Today, leaders frequently identify a fault as being somewhere else, like at the Home Office, and then apologise. A resignation will not follow because leaders, e.g. politicians, don’t take responsibility for their incompetence. But leadership without accountability is poor practice, and we have to change that.

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Unelected Conservatives Distort Our Democracy

It’s funny old times in that unelected conservatives are running our democracy and are undermining our democracy. And on an undemocratic but Royal note, I’m puzzled by Royal hospitality.

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