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The NHS Trough

MPs with Private Health Care – Selling Off The NHS Just a reminder that Liam Fox, (Secretary of State for International Trade) is one of the MPs selling off our NHS with private sector links. Union group UNITE released a list of 70 MPs with proven links to private healthcare providers. And here’s the rub, all…

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NHS Safeguarding Beware Tory Privatisation

The NHS is as safe with Brexit Ministers as ‘A pet hamster with a hungry python’ (Sir John Major – Tory) so we have to rescue it from Tory privatisation

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PFI Means Bust and Walk The Public Will Pay

Private Finance Initiative (PFI) is provided under the guise of ‘efficiency’ and being ‘cost effective’. That is nonsense.  It has created a welfare state for big business.  They go bust and walk away, leaving the ‘inefficient’ public purse to pay.

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Britain Does Not Always Know Best: Lessons From Developing Nations

In its arrogance, Britain can’t see that it doesn’t know best. It’s time we adopt the best Green, health & sexual conduct practises of developing nations.

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Too Many Tories Are Bad For Our Health

Tory austerity measures are damaging our health. A Tory victory will hasten the demise of the NHS, negatively impact on social care & mental well-being.

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National Health Service Privatisation – Life Without The NHS

National health service Privatisation is not necessary. Before the NHS affordable health care was beyond the reach of most people. That must not happen again.

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David Cameron’s Legacy

Popular opinion would lead you to believe David Cameron’s legacy was wealth, unity, prosperity for all, and Theresa May.  As Theresa is untested as the Prime Minister, I don’t think she can form part of his legacy.  The richest few have seen an annual increase in their wealth. However, the middle class are squeezed, and the…

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Don’t Be Afraid of The L Word

Are left wing policies ‘A ludicrous fairy tale based on high taxation and killing aspiration” while right-wing policies are aspirational?

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Mary Seacole Statue Appeal

Mary Seacole’s courage and compassion as a nurse provided soldiers with food, nursing care and a morning dispensary during the 19th century Crimean war. To capture the spirit of Mary, and remind the public of the importance of the nursing profession, a memorial statue is planned for the grounds of St. Thomas’s hospital. The statue will…

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Life Without The NHS – A Bleak & Barbarous Time

There is no money for the NHS, or so we are told. And suddenly there is talk of finding 100 billion pounds for the American nuclear Trident system. If the Government can find money to kill people, surely it can find money to heal people, The Only time that a nuclear weapon has ever been deployed…

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