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Met’s Top Officer Blames The Victim Not The Fraudster

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe (BHH), The Metropolitan Police Commissioner, in a recent interview with The Times said, providing online fraud refunds to customers was a ‘Reward…for bad behaviour’. He says, that to encourage better online security, only victims of fraud with the appropriate security software should receive refunds. This ill-conceived idea from the highest ranking police…

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Currency, Money & Plastic Bags

Recently, back from my hols in Mexico, I unpacked my plastic bags.  Every time I made a purchase, I got a free plastic bag to take home.  Home to England where it is the new currency. Have you not noticed how mean we have all become with plastic bags? There was a time when I…

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Don’t Die For Debt – Get Help

Debt is only money and not worth you taking your life over or spending hours of your life in depression, sadness and isolation. If you owe money get independent help fast, get help here There is nothing to be ashamed of.

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Slavery And Reparations Who Made The Money?

Slavery has led to the unjust enrichment of Europe and the America’s. Everybody in these countries benefited save the slaves, the families of whom are still hampered by inequality today. The big money winners from slavery and the reparations paid by the British Government can be found on a database that took UCL three years…

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