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Election Result Corbyn’s Labour Life Affirming and Honest

I’m rejoicing at the election result; it is better than I hoped. Instead of the Tories coming back with a smaller majority as I thought, they have to form a coalition. So, that will put paid to Theresa May’s dream of being an elected dictator. It’s rather ironic that the Tory scaremongering of a ‘coalition…

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Too Many Tories Are Bad For Our Health

Tory austerity measures are damaging our health. A Tory victory will hasten the demise of the NHS, negatively impact on social care & mental well-being.

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Mindfulness And New Year Resolutions

It’s the new year, and that spells the start of resolution season. Resolutions commonly fade in weeks, but mindfulness once mastered aids all new year resolutions to fruition. Now if you follow me on @imjussayin2 will be familiar with my practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is not some gobbledegook ‘religion’ that requires leaf eating and sandal…

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