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Insidious Racism Is The Worst Kind, Paul Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne, the former football star is an alcoholic but not a comedian. During ‘An Evening With Gazza,’ he insulted Errol Rowe, his Black security guard.  He said, ‘Can you smile please, because I can’t see you?’. There were only more than a thousand people present!  Gascoigne was charged with racially aggravated abuse and pleaded…

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Child Abuse Must Never Be Gender Blind

Lauren Cox, a married 27-year-old geography teacher, having sex with her 16-year-old pupil is child abuse.  However, the popular opinion, especially amongst men, appears to be that her crime is less heinous than if a male teacher were involved with a girl of 16.  This view is rooted in the idea that a boy-child sleeping…

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Are You Depressed ?

If you think you are depressed, take this test it is safe and it will give you an  indication.  Talk to your GP, one in four people do.  If you don’t have a GP this link will find one in your area. If you are note sure about what to expect  here are some experiences of minority groups using the mental health…

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