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Roseanne Ambien and Apologies Don’t Excuse Racism

Advance warning taking Ambien can make you racist. Well, that’s the sorry excuse Roseanne Barr has made for calling Valerie Jarrett an ape. But Barr has form for racism. So sadly but necessarily, Roseanne had to go.

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Anti-Semitism and Windrush The Hierarchy of Race

Anti-Semitism has received far more media attention than Windrush, and that is odd. All racism is wrong, but is there a hierarchy of race?

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Russia Poison Proof Principle

Theresa May’s claim that Russia attempted murder on British soil has whipped up fervent patriotism. But we are losing sight of two important issues, the question of proof and quality of May’s punishment.

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Headlines Media & Half Truths – Beware

Beware of the headlines they are half-truths that do not necessarily represent our best interests. Rather they are following the elite’s cultural hegemony. But the media is owned by billionaires. So, instead of protecting our democracy and liberty, the rightwing media perverts it.

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3 Reasons Why George Osbourne’s Editorial Appointment Is Wrong

George Osbourne is now the editor of the Evening Standard. It would be unreasonable to object to his appointment simply because it is his sixth job. However, I find Osbourne’s appointment objectionable because it compromises society’s values and standards in three important ways

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Post Truth and Alternative Facts Are 500 Years Old

Post Truth and Alternative Facts are the latest headlines, but it’s not news to somebody like me. I have lived my life negotiating a deliberately false perception of who I am. For 500 years, black people have endured post truth and alternative facts politics. We still do, and it continues to affect our lives adversely….

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Newspapers use to hold the Establishment to account. Today, they are the power. In the UK, they decide Prime Ministers and headlines misrepresent stories.

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Katie Hopkins Evil Under The Sun

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others and if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them – Dalai Lama The recent comments made by Katie Hopkins in the Sun newspaper that “African migrants are like cockroaches” exemplified a growing cancer in our society. The media tell us every day what…

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When did ownership become a pre- requisite for responsibility? The mass media would have us believing that tenants, especially those in social housing are another species, incapable of being responsible and damaging property at will.  One bad apple should not be allowed to spoil the whole bunch.

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