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Uber Down But Not Out

I suspect that the authorities will return Uber’s licence. They shouldn’t. It will be at our expense and Uber will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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Grenfell Social Housing Lives Matter

As predicted by the residents, Grenfell Tower a 24 storey social housing block containing 127 units is a fire damaged blackened shell. The fire was preventable by the installation of a sprinkler system during the £10m refurbishment. It would have cost thousands not millions. The impact of this major incident will be greater than those…

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One Night in Miami Review

  Kemp Powers play One Night In Miami is on at the Donmar Theatre. Congratulations to the Donmar for hosting a play featuring four iconic black men.  It is an engaging play, based on a historical event we know little about. It’s 25 February 1964 the night that Cassius Clay beat Sonny Liston.  He is…

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AfroPunk Afro Shame

AfroPunk London 2016 was kicking. I, however, had Afro Shame and I don’t mean my crazy hair this time. Here is the short version. The Count Down Two months to go  AfroPunk tickets bought. Scandalous price! Credit card heavy -er! Two weeks to go we’re all in a flutter because the tickets have not arrived….

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Police Officers Should Serve The Public Not Intimidate Us

An out of control policeman wrecked the car of a young black man who sat in the vehicle and recorded the damage. Too often this type of attitude (if not the behaviour) is displayed toward black men, women and children, for the crime of breathing whilst black. Police officers should serve the public not intimidate us….

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Sian Berry: “London Needs A Green Mayor”

Galaxy Radio invited Green Party Mayoral Candidate Siân Berry into the studio to discuss her policies for London. Siân is a warm and charming person with a strong vision for London as you will hear in the audio of the interview below.  Her vision is small business and people centred. For Siân , housing is…

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George Galloway London Mayoral Candidate 2016

Galaxy Radio has invited the Mayoral candidates to the studio. Being Mayor is a job that some see as requiring a big personality.  The first candidate to be interviewed was the Respect candidate, George Galloway, who is certainly a big personality, love him or hate him.  George undoubtedly has an understanding of grass root issues. …

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Essential Services – Private or Public Ownership?

Consecutive right-wing British Governments have promoted a privatisation agenda. It is argued that public ownership is incapable of operating a cheap, cost effective, efficient, economical, customer service.  Whilst privatisation, meets all that criteria with two added bonuses. Firstly,  private investment, which relieves the public purse, and secondly accountability through democratic shareholding, also known as ‘Popular…

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Brixton; Regeneration, Gentrification or Social Cleansing?

There is debate and consternation surrounding the revitalisation of Brixton. Is it regeneration or gentrification? Perhaps the reality lies in a third option, social cleansing. Brixton has always been a middle class area. This is evident from the large Victorian and Edwardian properties. Electric Avenue built in the 1880’s was the first market street to…

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