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Corbyn’s Wrong?

Jeremy Corbyn (JC) did not sing the national anthem at the Battle of Britain memorial service.  Corbyn’s refusal to sing God Save the Queen effectively means that “Corbyn snubs Queen and country” (Daily Telegraph). Actually, it was not a snub to our country. The national anthem is not about the country nor the lives of the soldiers who…

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Jeremy Corbyn – The Peoples Choice

I have observed with great interest the closing of ranks between the political establishment and the media against Jeremy Corbyn, the people’s choice and not Rupert Murdoch’s. Corbyn must surely be the most misquoted man in history. Whatever he says becomes a scary headline. One of my favourites is The Telegraph 21 August 2015, ‘Corbyn…

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The Problem With Corbyn … Sewel The Distraction

Two unknowns from Labour party have been making the headlines, Jeremy Corbyn as the front runner for the Labour leadership and Lord Sewel for his sex and drugs sting by the Sun newspaper. Jeremy Corbyn, who is from the political left, has proved surprisingly popular in the face of the usual insidious propaganda from the…

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Don’t Be Afraid of The L Word

Are left wing policies ‘A ludicrous fairy tale based on high taxation and killing aspiration” while right-wing policies are aspirational?

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The 2015 Election That Everybody Lost

“A man without a vote is a man without protection.” Lyndon B Johnson   Much will be made of the 2015 General Election but the six week lead in campaigns were lacklustre and just 66% of the electorate voted. We certainly lost some big political hitters like Vince Cable, Ed Balls, Simon Hughes and Nick Clegg….

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What a difference a vote makes

The vote makes every single person equal regardless of wealth, class, religion, creed or education because each vote has the same value. The system needs tweaking but power has transferred from the wallet to the ballot box. The power over our political destinies is no longer in the hands of feudal lords, the church or…

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