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Brexit 3 Reasons Why We Need A Further Vote

The Brexit referendum was too simple a question on too complicated an issue. And the Tories are making ham-fisted attempts at complex negotiations not undertaken since 1973. So here is why you should at least seriously consider voting on the outcome of Brexit Negotiations.

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Brexit Too Toxic To Challenge May

The lack of Tories lining up to replace May is either because she is doing a good job or because Brexit is poisonous. One means we need a 2nd referendum

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2016 Don’t Look Back In Anger, imjussayin…

Twenty-sixteen will be a memorable year; one emblazoned on my mind because melodrama toppled pure reason. The annals of history will show it as a pivotal moment. A shift further to the political right. That was a culmination of years of blaming ‘others’ for the ills of the country. Those ‘others’ have included single mothers,…

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Arts, Exhibitions & Events 03 December 2015

Round up this week of the ‘must do’ arts, exhibitions and events. Charlie Phillips – Answers Questions 03 Decemeber 2015 6:30pm photographs exhibited at Simon Schama’s Face of Britain 16 September 2015 – 04 January 2016 National Portrait Gallery The exhibition is a cross-period exploration of the history of Britain through portraiture. It focuses on the…

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Arts, Exhibitions & Events 26 November 2015

Round up this week of the ‘must do’ arts, exhibitions and events. AFTERHOURS: An Evening With Inua Ellams 26 November 2015, 20:00pm – 21:30pm Free event but booking essential Accompanied by Ghanaian-born multi-instrumentalist, composer and teacher TJ Owusu, Inua Ellams reads new verses inspired by the poetry of his childhood. He discusses the historical and…

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Corbyn’s Wrong?

Jeremy Corbyn (JC) did not sing the national anthem at the Battle of Britain memorial service.  Corbyn’s refusal to sing God Save the Queen effectively means that “Corbyn snubs Queen and country” (Daily Telegraph). Actually, it was not a snub to our country. The national anthem is not about the country nor the lives of the soldiers who…

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Don’t Be Afraid of The L Word

Are left wing policies ‘A ludicrous fairy tale based on high taxation and killing aspiration” while right-wing policies are aspirational?

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Budget’s Plastic Bag Charge Is A Missed Green Opportunity

Charging five pence for plastic bags at supermarkets that have over 500 staff from October 2015 has made the headlines. It certainly does not represent a solution to the problem of pollution caused by plastic. Arguably it is evidence of a Government bankrupt of ideas. We use eight billion bags a year, why not make…

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