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NHS Safeguarding Beware Tory Privatisation

The NHS is as safe with Brexit Ministers as ‘A pet hamster with a hungry python’ (Sir John Major – Tory) so we have to rescue it from Tory privatisation

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Abortion battling over women’s bodies denying human rights

In N-Ireland abortion is banned. Women caught trying to own their bodies and having an abortion could face lengthy imprisonment. Unlike the rest of Britain.

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Women – Human Rights At Last?

Women still have to fight for the human right to live free of violence. All justice institutions, systematically let women down. The Human Rights Act may hold them and the government to account, but only as long as there are human rights.

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Human Rights Protect Us From May’s Government

Theresa May says that human rights prevent the deportation of immigrants because they own a cat. But actually, they protect us from her government. Never have our human rights been so important.

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Cutting Girls Is Torture – Working To End FGM An Interview

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is also called cutting because external female genitalia is cut away.  There is no medical reasons for it and occurs without anesthetic.  It happens to baby girls and even adult women.  Some have been in childbirth at the time.  However, it usually happens to girls age 10 – 15 years. FGM has zero health…

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FGM Does Not Make A Woman Just A Victim

In many countries, there is a culture or tradition of cutting away areas of female genitalia or otherwise damaging it. FGM (Female genital mutilation) is a culturally sensitive subject.  The practice has been handed down for centuries and is part of rites of passage and a woman’s cultural identity. I don’t believe that girls need…

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Essential Services – Private or Public Ownership?

Consecutive right-wing British Governments have promoted a privatisation agenda. It is argued that public ownership is incapable of operating a cheap, cost effective, efficient, economical, customer service.  Whilst privatisation, meets all that criteria with two added bonuses. Firstly,  private investment, which relieves the public purse, and secondly accountability through democratic shareholding, also known as ‘Popular…

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Black Women and The Vote

A recent survey asked whether women should have the vote. The on line survey showed that 70% of those who participated thought that women should have the vote. That left 30% that don’t think that women should have the vote. One women aged 30 said, “I have never voted because we should not have the right to vote….

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FGM Types Please Don’t Look The Other Way

FGM is child abuse. It forces girls into a future of pain from the moment they are cut. There are four types FGM; Type 1: The clitoris or clitoral hood is partially or fully removed (also known as clitoridectomy) Type 2: As well as the clitoris, the labia minora are partially or fully removed. The…

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