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Abortion battling over women’s bodies denying human rights

In N-Ireland abortion is banned. Women caught trying to own their bodies and having an abortion could face lengthy imprisonment. Unlike the rest of Britain.

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Corsets and Kitchens

The 21st century has not seen women move very far from sexual objectification and domestic servitude. Marketing has been part of maintaining the status quo. So, advertising plays a central role in shaping how society sees women and how women see themselves. Ergo, I am happy that the Advertising Standard Agency (ASA) will be helping…

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US 2016 Election The Politics Of Misogyny

FBI Director James Comey told the Republicans of a further investigation into the emails of Hilary Clinton.  Well, they were not Hilary’s but her colleague’s. An explosive media frenzy  followed. Suspiciously,  there is talk, but no detail.  Adding insult to injury, the FBI told Hilary’s camp of the email enquiry after the Republicans.  The FBI’s…

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Black History Month Celebrating Dr Georgia Patton

Black History Month is male dominated with women in the background. So to redress the balance a little, I will be sharing the stories of black women.  This blog is dedicated, Georgia Patton. Synopsis Georgia E. Lee Patton was born a slave in Tennessee on 15 April 1864. She earned her degree in 1893 at…

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Beyoncé – Choking On Lemonade 2

The Beyhive, the fans of Beyoncé, say Lemonade is ‘Beyoncé’s evolution as an intersectional feminist and her identifying with blackness and Civil Rights.  So Bey is ‘woke’. She has come a long way from saying ‘It is not about colour or race.’ Or has she?  I say Beyoncé, is the zeitgeist princess of pop, for…

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Beyoncé – Choking On Lemonade

Beyoncé is on the European leg of her Formation tour, named after Lemonade’s first released single.  Billboard say ‘Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” is a Revolutionary Work of Black Feminism.  Her fans say it’s ‘Beyoncé’s evolution as an intersectional feminist and her recognition of culture and Civil Rights.  So Bey is ‘woke’.  She has come a long way from…

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Mind The GAP

In April, GAP posted an advert meant to support girls.  The aim was to encourage girls to celebrate individuality and diversity.  The caption under the image read, “Meet the kids who are proving that girls can do anything.” In the advert (above), a white girl from youth performance group Le Petit Cirque is leaning her…

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FGM Cutting – The Bloody Controlling of Women’s Sexuality

Cutting female genitalia, without a medical reason,  is called Female Genital Mutilation [FGM] and it is rife in Africa, as is child marriage.  The two are usually linked.  Hidden behind the banner of ‘culture’ FGM and child marriage is really about controlling the sexuality of girls and women.  It is a form of ownership and…

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#TamponTax – It’s A Bloody Mess

It is the natural order of things that women bleed during menstruation.  Gentlemen, if reading that was uncomfortable, you have no idea!  Menstrual hygiene, women’s sanitary protection (WSP) is essential to health and safety.  So, it is appalling that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs has classed WSP as ‘non-essential, luxury items’ and charge VAT.  The…

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