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AfroPunk Afro Shame

AfroPunk London 2016 was kicking. I, however, had Afro Shame and I don’t mean my crazy hair this time. Here is the short version. The Count Down Two months to go  AfroPunk tickets bought. Scandalous price! Credit card heavy -er! Two weeks to go we’re all in a flutter because the tickets have not arrived….

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Trousers and Skirts – Deconstructing Gender

I came across offensive comments about 17-year old Jaden Smith because he wore a skirt earlier this year for a fashion house.  Similarly, when a mother appeared in an advert painting her son’s toenails his favourite colour pink, it was considered to be ‘Psychological sterilisation’ by psychiatrist Keith Ablow.  Society knows the rules for gender;…

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In Front Of Dad Mathilde Mourinho?

José and Mathilde Mourinho (father and daughter) attended the the GQ Men Of The Year Awards together. Sweet, I love father and daughter events and I believe that a woman should dress as she pleases. Yet, I found myself become very Victorian in my attitude toward 18 year old Mathilde’s outfit. She was dressed in…

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