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Abigail Fisher Attacks Affirmative Action

Abigail Fisher wanted to read a degree at the University of Texas, Austin (UT) so she applied. They did not accept her application because her grades were too low.  Nonetheless, Abigail was aggrieved.  She sued UT on their admission’s policy claiming it put her at a disadvantage because she is white.  UT policy considers academic…

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David Cameron’s Legacy

Popular opinion would lead you to believe David Cameron’s legacy was wealth, unity, prosperity for all, and Theresa May.  As Theresa is untested as the Prime Minister, I don’t think she can form part of his legacy.  The richest few have seen an annual increase in their wealth. However, the middle class are squeezed, and the…

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US Police Officer Ben Fields Threw A Black Student Across Classroom 2015

The video below stunned me into silence. Beware, it contains disturbing images of police brutality and violence. This is the tale of two America’s. You should email or telephone the Sheriff to express your outrage at an officer, who is a power weight lifter, slamming a female student to the floor. Then throwing her across the room….

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Bashing Boot Camps For Young Benefit Brits

The Tories are on the rampage again this time announcing changes for young unemployed Brits. Those aged 18–20 years will be sent on a three-week work ‘bootcamp’ or face losing their benefits. Ministers says that they will be ‘put through their paces’ for 71 hours with a dedicated coach to help them find work within…

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Don’t Be Afraid of The L Word

Are left wing policies ‘A ludicrous fairy tale based on high taxation and killing aspiration” while right-wing policies are aspirational?

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