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#TamponTax – It’s A Bloody Mess

It is the natural order of things that women bleed during menstruation.  Gentlemen, if reading that was uncomfortable, you have no idea!  Menstrual hygiene, women’s sanitary protection (WSP) is essential to health and safety.  So, it is appalling that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs has classed WSP as ‘non-essential, luxury items’ and charge VAT.  The…

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Domestic Abuse Has No Place In Our Community

Domestic Abuse has no place in our community. The following organisations offer specialist support for Black Women. Use the red link, name of the organisation for more information. East London Black Women Organisation: supports African and Caribbean women Tel 020 8534 7545 email Southall Black Sisters: is a resource centre for Asian, African, Afro-Caribbean…

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Battered Bloodied & Bruised But No Accountability

Roland Frolander is accused of one of the worst acts a human can commit, molestation of a child. Under no circumstances is that acceptable. Not ever, not even under the guise of child brides. But the rule of law should hold accountable Jason Browning, the father who assaulted the eighteen year old Roland Frolander, leaving…

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