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Murder Strikes A Pose – Book Review

Murder Strikes a Pose by Tracy Weber My rating: 4 of 5 stars Murder Strikes a Pose: Downward Dog Mystery 1 In A Nutshell Befriending a homeless man comes at a price. For Yoga instructor Kate Davidson it’s convincing the police he was murdered and finding a home for his huge hound. Actually, it’s a…

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Abortion battling over women’s bodies denying human rights

In N-Ireland abortion is banned. Women caught trying to own their bodies and having an abortion could face lengthy imprisonment. Unlike the rest of Britain.

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Drill Music Responsible For Violent London

Cressida Dick, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, blames drill music and videos for the rise in violent crime in London. Dick’s bold statement is not backed up by any supporting evidence. So, if there is no proof extreme music makes one angrier then why is Drill, a Black music genre, targeted?

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Solo Another Struggling Star Wars Story

The first time around, Star Wars was something to behold.  It was the beginning of making geekdom cool. But Solo, the latest Star Wars Blockbuster is not the expected hit and box office takings so low! 😂

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How Tories Created Our Hostile Environment

Theresa May did not create the hostile environment with her immigration policy; it was an extension of the Tory’s existing hostile enviroment culture.  So, we have to push back before Caring Society become a thing of the past.

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Britain Does Not Always Know Best: Lessons From Developing Nations

In its arrogance, Britain can’t see that it doesn’t know best. It’s time we adopt the best Green, health & sexual conduct practises of developing nations.

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The Zoo A Cruel And Unusual Con Trick

The zoo justifies its existence as a conservation institution. But on closer inspection zoos don’t behave like conservationists. It’s a cruel and unusual con trick

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Bread Wars

Bread war is my story of how being right can also mean being wrong. And proof positive that society is not going to hell in a handcart as yet.

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Three Funny Adventurous Movies For Christmas…

Here are three recommendations for movies for Christmas.  The three movies I have chosen are light entertainment, adventurous and good for a laugh. After the year we have lived through a laugh is much needed. If you feel compelled to see the movies but are too embarrassed because of the certification, borrow somebody’s children. In…

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Tipping Should Be Abolished And 5 Reasons Why

I recently ate at one of those all singing and dancing hamburger restaurants. One that charges more because the bun is brioche.  Where chips, fries are a ‘side order’ so cost extra. I paid and declined to tip on my card. The lovely waitress asked why. I was uncomfortable with the question, after all, a tip…

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