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Bond, James Bond

James Bond is a fictional character created by Ian Fleming based on personalites he met during his experience with the Naval Intelligence Division. He wrote twelve novels and two short-story collections between 1952 and 1966. James Bond, commander in the Royal Naval Reserve, is an officer in the Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6….

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Are You Depressed ?

If you think you are depressed, take this test it is safe and it will give you an  indication.  Talk to your GP, one in four people do.  If you don’t have a GP this link will find one in your area. If you are note sure about what to expect  here are some experiences of minority groups using the mental health…

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Domestic Abuse Has No Place In Our Community

Domestic Abuse has no place in our community. The following organisations offer specialist support for Black Women. Use the red link, name of the organisation for more information. East London Black Women Organisation: supports African and Caribbean women Tel 020 8534 7545 email Southall Black Sisters: is a resource centre for Asian, African, Afro-Caribbean…

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A Golliwog In 2015. Really?

Mr Artwell, in the picture wearing the er…golliwog says, “When I was growing up in this country this guy was popular. In 2015 I don’t want white liberal types telling me what I should be offended by”. Somebody should Mr Artwell, somebody should. There is no such thing as cultural exceptions, for golliwog or the…

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A Hollow Victory

I do not understand how so many people have an opinion on something they have not seen, it is like a religion. I do understand, however, the association with racism and human zoos will play to the psyche of the disaffected and frustrated. All the upsets and insecurities felt, have been galvanised and vented against…

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Exhibit B

Slavery and Colonialism are terrible atrocities, the evils of which have never been perpetrated on any other race like that against the African. As an avid student of history and somebody that has continually read and studied the machinations of Europeans on Africa, I felt I had a total understanding of the black holocaust. I…

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