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Women – Human Rights At Last?

Women still have to fight for the human right to live free of violence. All justice institutions, systematically let women down. The Human Rights Act may hold them and the government to account, but only as long as there are human rights.

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Rapists Rape Not Alcohol – Note To Ched Evans

The issue is not about women who are drunk. It is about men who prey on drunk women. So, I certainly don’t want to hear advice from a person who thinks sex with a drunk woman is acceptable. Unless of course, it is to say ‘Do not be alone with Me [Evans] while drinking.’

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Rape Consent Verdicts and Victims

Campaigners have renewed the call for men accused of sex crimes not to be named. It is because of the decisions in Cliff Richard and Ched Evans cases. I do not agree.  There should be no anonymity for sex offences especially with the shockingly low conviction rates for rape.  However, the law does need to change.  It…

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Insidious Racism Is The Worst Kind, Paul Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne, the former football star is an alcoholic but not a comedian. During ‘An Evening With Gazza,’ he insulted Errol Rowe, his Black security guard.  He said, ‘Can you smile please, because I can’t see you?’. There were only more than a thousand people present!  Gascoigne was charged with racially aggravated abuse and pleaded…

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Janner – No Point Chasing A Ghost…

With the news that Lord Janner’s trial of the facts (TOFT), will not continue after his death, some survivors of his alleged child sex abuse have said that the decision to drop the proceedings are ‘an establishment cover-up’. As a champion for the prevention of child sex abuse, I don’t agree that dropping the proceedings…

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