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The Zoo A Cruel And Unusual Con Trick

The zoo justifies its existence as a conservation institution. But on closer inspection zoos don’t behave like conservationists. It’s a cruel and unusual con trick

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Tipping Should Be Abolished And 5 Reasons Why

I recently ate at one of those all singing and dancing hamburger restaurants. One that charges more because the bun is brioche.  Where chips, fries are a ‘side order’ so cost extra. I paid and declined to tip on my card. The lovely waitress asked why. I was uncomfortable with the question, after all, a tip…

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Met’s Top Officer Blames The Victim Not The Fraudster

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe (BHH), The Metropolitan Police Commissioner, in a recent interview with The Times said, providing online fraud refunds to customers was a ‘Reward…for bad behaviour’. He says, that to encourage better online security, only victims of fraud with the appropriate security software should receive refunds. This ill-conceived idea from the highest ranking police…

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