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Is Racism A Requirement For Being Tory?

The Tories seem to have their finger on the race button. So, I wonder in the anniversary year of the Nationality Act 1948 if accepting racism is a requirement of being Tory.

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Theresa May Champion or Charlatan ?

Theresa May wears many labels from the ‘Bloody difficult woman’ to Iron Lady 2. At Tory Conference, she claims to champion equality. Champion or Charlatan?

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Racism White People N***** Empty Apologies

A jolly in apartheid South Africa breaching international sanctions didn’t stop David Cameron becoming PM. The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, didn’t need to use anything as sophisticated as “Mutton-headed old mugwump” to ridicule black people. He merely described us as ‘piccaninnies’ with ‘watermelon smiles’ who should be grateful that white people saved us from relying…

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I Became A Low Achiever In 24 Hours

Millionaire Sir Alan Duncan, Rutland and Melton MP condescendingly dismissed people who ‘aren’t millionaires’ as ‘low achievers’ on Monday 11 April.  I am not a millionaire.  He also said during his defence of David Cameron on Monday that David Cameron’s tax critics, of whom I am one, ‘hate anyone with a hint of wealth.’  That…

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Iain Duncan Smith Is Not A Hero!

  Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) has resigned as Secretary to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).  His letter of resignation cited the Chancellor’s ‘indefensible’ proposed budgetary cuts to Personal Independent Payments (PIP), the disability benefit, as the reason.  The mainstream media have hailed him as a hero.  I believe this is misplaced.  IDS has…

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Syria – ‘Bogus Battalions’, Balderdash and Bullying

David Cameron has achieved his goal and Britain is bombing Islāmic State (IS) in Syria.  He won his vote in the House of Commons by claims of bogus battalions, balderdash and bullying. The skies over Syria were filled with aircraft bombing before Britain joined. The conventional wisdom is that air power is backed up by…

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Syria – ‘Something Must Be Done’ but that does not necessarily mean bombing

David Cameron, will ask Parliament for permission to join the military action against Islamic State (IS) in Syria.  Primarily, because IS pose a “serious and undeniable” threat to Britain.   It was only two years ago that he proposed bombing Syria, again in self defence.  The threat to Britain was the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad.  Parliament…

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Racism, Hate, Nationalism…Reflections of Nazi Germany

We’re all strands on the web of life. And whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. Racism under the guise of immigration has been blamed for all the ills in Britain by the main political parties. From the use of food banks to the cost of the welfare state. The Labour Party…

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