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Human Rights Protect Us From May’s Government

Theresa May says that human rights prevent the deportation of immigrants because they own a cat. But actually, they protect us from her government. Never have our human rights been so important.

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Met’s Top Officer Blames The Victim Not The Fraudster

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe (BHH), The Metropolitan Police Commissioner, in a recent interview with The Times said, providing online fraud refunds to customers was a ‘Reward…for bad behaviour’. He says, that to encourage better online security, only victims of fraud with the appropriate security software should receive refunds. This ill-conceived idea from the highest ranking police…

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Freedom of Information (FOI) laws

The Freedom of Information laws hold government to account. ‘It was a ‘Freedom of Information’ (FOI) request that exposed the MPs’ expenses scandal and it was another FOI request which exposed that a third of NHS contracts were being handed out to private companies. FOI requests are critical for many of the campaigns that improve…

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FGM Types Please Don’t Look The Other Way

FGM is child abuse. It forces girls into a future of pain from the moment they are cut. There are four types FGM; Type 1: The clitoris or clitoral hood is partially or fully removed (also known as clitoridectomy) Type 2: As well as the clitoris, the labia minora are partially or fully removed. The…

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