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US Police Officer Ben Fields Threw A Black Student Across Classroom 2015

The video below stunned me into silence. Beware, it contains disturbing images of police brutality and violence. This is the tale of two America’s. You should email or telephone the Sheriff to express your outrage at an officer, who is a power weight lifter, slamming a female student to the floor. Then throwing her across the room….

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Mother or Father but Not Both

Fay Purdham is in a unique position because of scientific advances.  Fay, who was born a boy, along with hormone treatments, has had sexual realignment surgery to create a woman’s body.  Fortunately, socially progressive attitudes are accepting of the medical condition gender dysphoria.  This is where a person can feel very strongly they do not…

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FYI – It’s Illegal To Smoke With Kids In The Car

From the 1 October 2015 anyone who smokes in their car while transporting youngsters (under 18’s) will be liable to a £50 fine. As much as I welcome the legislation it does not go far enough to protect young people nor non-smokers. There are two possible offences for which the driver of a private vehicle…

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