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NHS Safeguarding Beware Tory Privatisation

The NHS is as safe with Brexit Ministers as ‘A pet hamster with a hungry python’ (Sir John Major – Tory) so we have to rescue it from Tory privatisation

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Is Racism A Requirement For Being Tory?

The Tories seem to have their finger on the race button. So, I wonder in the anniversary year of the Nationality Act 1948 if accepting racism is a requirement of being Tory.

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Brexit 3 Reasons Why We Need A Further Vote

The Brexit referendum was too simple a question on too complicated an issue. And the Tories are making ham-fisted attempts at complex negotiations not undertaken since 1973. So here is why you should at least seriously consider voting on the outcome of Brexit Negotiations.

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Empire Myths and Neo-Nazis

Neo-fascists belief in white supremacy is rooted in the tales of empire. To defeat neo-fascists, we must expose myths of
the British Empire and American Confederacy.

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Brexit Too Toxic To Challenge May

The lack of Tories lining up to replace May is either because she is doing a good job or because Brexit is poisonous. One means we need a 2nd referendum

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Immigrants Foreigners And A Bloody Difficult Woman Election

The Parliamentary election looming on 8 June 2017 could make Britain an ochlocracy and one-party state. That has huge implications. It will affect our hopes and dreams because politics are personal. However, some politicians and headlines suggest that the biggest impact on our quality of life are immigrants and foreigners. Many see Brexit as the way…

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Sex Sex Sex, Jeremy Corbyn & Election

We are facing the most critical election of a generation. Political headlines have been sensational but they are meaningless for making wise voting choices.

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2016 Don’t Look Back In Anger, imjussayin…

Twenty-sixteen will be a memorable year; one emblazoned on my mind because melodrama toppled pure reason. The annals of history will show it as a pivotal moment. A shift further to the political right. That was a culmination of years of blaming ‘others’ for the ills of the country. Those ‘others’ have included single mothers,…

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David Cameron’s Legacy

Popular opinion would lead you to believe David Cameron’s legacy was wealth, unity, prosperity for all, and Theresa May.  As Theresa is untested as the Prime Minister, I don’t think she can form part of his legacy.  The richest few have seen an annual increase in their wealth. However, the middle class are squeezed, and the…

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