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Blackface is Blackface by Any Other Name

Having made the offer to blog on subjects submitted by readers, I did not expect the first topic out of the hat to require such deep reflection.  Thanks! 🙂  Boglarka Balogh, a journalist and human rights lawyer, thought it was a good idea to morph into the image of black women, in a bid to…

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Rachel Dolezal vs Rachel Moore – The Case of Race Identity

An unapologetic and defiant Rachel Dolezal persists in her charade of being black. During her interview on NBC news Dolezal said, “nothing about white describes who I am.”  Reflecting on her childhood, Dolezal recalls that she always drew herself with the brown crayon. However, race is not based on self-identification but on the rules created…

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Rachel Dolezal – Saint or Sinner?

Rachel Dolezal the former leader of the NAACP1chapter in Spokane is an activist and artist. Mother of an adopted black child, she is a professor of black studies and has held seminars on black hair. Recently Rachel was appointed to serve the Police Ombudsman to oversee fairness and equity in law enforcement. Rachel has written…

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Black Women and The Vote

A recent survey asked whether women should have the vote. The on line survey showed that 70% of those who participated thought that women should have the vote. That left 30% that don’t think that women should have the vote. One women aged 30 said, “I have never voted because we should not have the right to vote….

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FGM Types Please Don’t Look The Other Way

FGM is child abuse. It forces girls into a future of pain from the moment they are cut. There are four types FGM; Type 1: The clitoris or clitoral hood is partially or fully removed (also known as clitoridectomy) Type 2: As well as the clitoris, the labia minora are partially or fully removed. The…

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Domestic Abuse Has No Place In Our Community

Domestic Abuse has no place in our community. The following organisations offer specialist support for Black Women. Use the red link, name of the organisation for more information. East London Black Women Organisation: supports African and Caribbean women Tel 020 8534 7545 email Southall Black Sisters: is a resource centre for Asian, African, Afro-Caribbean…

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The Price For Punching A Fiancée Unconscious ?

Just a two match ban if it is a black women. Pictured is the unconscious form of Janay Palmer the fiancĂ©e of American NFL star Ray Rice. Rice dragged her unconscious body into a lobby after he physically assaulted her. Janay, now wife of Ray Rice, married him five months after this incident. Of course…

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