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Ending Net Neutrality Silences Black Women

Black women and communities will be the biggest losers if net neutrality ends. And that comes at the expense of social justice, education and democracy. So, the Senate must restore net neutrality or the only people with voices will be rich white men.

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Post Truth and Alternative Facts Are 500 Years Old

Post Truth and Alternative Facts are the latest headlines, but it’s not news to somebody like me. I have lived my life negotiating a deliberately false perception of who I am. For 500 years, black people have endured post truth and alternative facts politics. We still do, and it continues to affect our lives adversely….

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Black History Month Celebrating Patrice Banks

Black History Month is male dominated. So to redress the balance a little i’mjussayin has focused on the experience of black women. Historically we considered the achievements of Dr Georgia Patton.  Now it is the turn of a modern achiever: Patrice Banks, lady engineer, mechanic, and entrepreneur. Synopsis Patrice Banks a self-confessed ‘auto-airhead’  was a materials…

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Black History Month Celebrating Dr Georgia Patton

Black History Month is male dominated with women in the background. So to redress the balance a little, I will be sharing the stories of black women.  This blog is dedicated, Georgia Patton. Synopsis Georgia E. Lee Patton was born a slave in Tennessee on 15 April 1864. She earned her degree in 1893 at…

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Black History Month A Testimonial For Black Peoples

England has been celebrating Black History Month (BHM) for 29 years.  It was a GLC project led by Akyaaba Sebbo in 1987. However, it is adopted from America where it was initiated by the black historian Carter G Woodson. It began life as Negro History Week (1926). What started as a week of black history…

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Oi Russia Black Women Biles and Williams Are Our Darkies

The West responded with indignant outrage at Russia hacking into the files and publishing the private and confidential medical records of Simone Biles and the Williams sisters.  As much as I appreciated the response from the West, white establishments have continually persecuted Black women including Biles and the Williams sisters.  Therefore, I agree with Russia…

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Police Officers Should Serve The Public Not Intimidate Us

An out of control policeman wrecked the car of a young black man who sat in the vehicle and recorded the damage. Too often this type of attitude (if not the behaviour) is displayed toward black men, women and children, for the crime of breathing whilst black. Police officers should serve the public not intimidate us….

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Mind The GAP

In April, GAP posted an advert meant to support girls.  The aim was to encourage girls to celebrate individuality and diversity.  The caption under the image read, “Meet the kids who are proving that girls can do anything.” In the advert (above), a white girl from youth performance group Le Petit Cirque is leaning her…

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The Amazing Rachel Dolezal & White Privilege

Rachel Dolezal is white, full stop.  Her whiteness is a fact.  Both her parents are white and her orange tan and permed fizzy hair cannot change it.  She maintains she is black.  Rachel Dolezal cannot speak of racism as a black woman.  However, as I predicted she has been given a book deal to do…

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FGM Cutting – The Bloody Controlling of Women’s Sexuality

Cutting female genitalia, without a medical reason,  is called Female Genital Mutilation [FGM] and it is rife in Africa, as is child marriage.  The two are usually linked.  Hidden behind the banner of ‘culture’ FGM and child marriage is really about controlling the sexuality of girls and women.  It is a form of ownership and…

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