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How Tories Created Our Hostile Environment

Theresa May did not create the hostile environment with her immigration policy; it was an extension of the Tory’s existing hostile enviroment culture.  So, we have to push back before Caring Society become a thing of the past.

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Austerity What A Load Of B********

The government says that austerity a necessary because we must ‘live within our means.’ Granted, cutting public services certainly sounds like a common sense approach to repaying the massive public debt. Err, I have a problem. Austerian wisdom omits a key factor. The massive debt only accumulated because the government rescued banks, private businesses, with public money….

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David Cameron’s Legacy

Popular opinion would lead you to believe David Cameron’s legacy was wealth, unity, prosperity for all, and Theresa May.  As Theresa is untested as the Prime Minister, I don’t think she can form part of his legacy.  The richest few have seen an annual increase in their wealth. However, the middle class are squeezed, and the…

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Life Without The NHS – A Bleak & Barbarous Time

There is no money for the NHS, or so we are told. And suddenly there is talk of finding 100 billion pounds for the American nuclear Trident system. If the Government can find money to kill people, surely it can find money to heal people, The Only time that a nuclear weapon has ever been deployed…

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