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How Trump’s Obliterating Black Legacy And History

As Black People fight for Black History to be recognised, Trump is trying to obliterate a black legacy. Barack Obama. The Obama’s are a thorn in the side of Trump and all those with a reductionist view of Black people. Trump’s raison d’etre is to remove the legacy of Obama and with it the idea of Black respectability.

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White Supremacy, Trump And The American Dream

Trump could not genuinely condemn the violence of white supremacy in Charlottesville. He is a product of white supremacy. Trump and white supremacy is the manifestation of the American Dream.

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The Special Relationship, Trump, Lies and Spies

Britain and America had a special relationship for years. But With friends like DonaldTrump who needs a special relationship especially a lopsided one.

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One Night in Miami Review

  Kemp Powers play One Night In Miami is on at the Donmar Theatre. Congratulations to the Donmar for hosting a play featuring four iconic black men.  It is an engaging play, based on a historical event we know little about. It’s 25 February 1964 the night that Cassius Clay beat Sonny Liston.  He is…

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US Police Officer Ben Fields Threw A Black Student Across Classroom 2015

The video below stunned me into silence. Beware, it contains disturbing images of police brutality and violence. This is the tale of two America’s. You should email or telephone the Sheriff to express your outrage at an officer, who is a power weight lifter, slamming a female student to the floor. Then throwing her across the room….

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Patriarchy Wins – Should Women Be Defending Bill Cosby?

A number of women have made allegations of sexual molestation against Bill Cosby. It has been easy to dismiss their claims because that lovable father Dr Huxtable aka Bill Cosby is one of the “three most believable…personalities in the world”.1 An article by Feminista Jones has reminded me of how easy it is to fall…

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