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Mind The GAP

In April, GAP posted an advert meant to support girls.  The aim was to encourage girls to celebrate individuality and diversity.  The caption under the image read, “Meet the kids who are proving that girls can do anything.” In the advert (above), a white girl from youth performance group Le Petit Cirque is leaning her…

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The Amazing Rachel Dolezal & White Privilege

Rachel Dolezal is white, full stop.  Her whiteness is a fact.  Both her parents are white and her orange tan and permed fizzy hair cannot change it.  She maintains she is black.  Rachel Dolezal cannot speak of racism as a black woman.  However, as I predicted she has been given a book deal to do…

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FGM Cutting – The Bloody Controlling of Women’s Sexuality

Cutting female genitalia, without a medical reason,  is called Female Genital Mutilation [FGM] and it is rife in Africa, as is child marriage.  The two are usually linked.  Hidden behind the banner of ‘culture’ FGM and child marriage is really about controlling the sexuality of girls and women.  It is a form of ownership and…

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