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Oxfam – Its Days Were Numbered And Rightly So

Oxfam is facing the decline of its all-encompassing imperial rule. It is abusive, outdated and one of the last bastions of colonialism and patriarchy.

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New Zimbabwe Already Feels Very Old

A new Zimbabwe requires dismantling the oppression from Ian Smith’s Rhodesia, not taking it over. But that is exactly what the ruling ZANU-PF junta is doing.

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Britain Does Not Always Know Best: Lessons From Developing Nations

In its arrogance, Britain can’t see that it doesn’t know best. It’s time we adopt the best Green, health & sexual conduct practises of developing nations.

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Empire Myths and Neo-Nazis

Neo-fascists belief in white supremacy is rooted in the tales of empire. To defeat neo-fascists, we must expose myths of
the British Empire and American Confederacy.

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Trump Populism Never Ends Well Ask Africa

Donald Trump who is currently facing 75 lawsuits is President Elect. Trump is the latest in a line of populist politicians. He makes impossible promises, appeals to the basest sentiments and the forgotten voter.  But history shows that these ‘champions‘ of the people are a portent that humans are walking blindly into another period of…

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Arts, Exhibitions & Events

Round up of this week’s ‘must do’ arts, exhibitions and events. Black Panther Woman Bernie Grant Arts Centre 18 March 2016 To mark the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party for Self Defence (1966 – 2016), Black History Studies presents a series of screenings that look at the role of women in the Black Panther…

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West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song Review ***

  Africa is the second largest continent on earth stretching from the southern shores of the Mediterranean to the Cape of Good Hope.  Today it comprises of 54 separate nations.  The cultures and the languages are the most diverse in the world.  Yet, it is often referred to as just Africa.  This reference to the…

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Blackface is Blackface by Any Other Name

Having made the offer to blog on subjects submitted by readers, I did not expect the first topic out of the hat to require such deep reflection.  Thanks! 🙂  Boglarka Balogh, a journalist and human rights lawyer, thought it was a good idea to morph into the image of black women, in a bid to…

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Katie Hopkins Evil Under The Sun

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others and if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them – Dalai Lama The recent comments made by Katie Hopkins in the Sun newspaper that “African migrants are like cockroaches” exemplified a growing cancer in our society. The media tell us every day what…

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