Headlines Media & Half Truths - Beware -

Headlines Media & Half Truths – Beware

The freedom of speech is an important right. Save the spewing of hate, it should go unfettered. So, it gives the mainstream media (media) an opportunity to challenge the government. But increasingly we have a media that perpetuates a narrow rightwing view. In turn that provides a gateway for more extreme rightwing thinking and fake news which promotes hate. Darren Osborne (Finsbury Park murderer) said reading extremist rightwing propaganda ‘brainwashed’ him.  He even plotted to kill Jeremy Corbyn who the media portrays as an enemy.  The media encourages ‘them and us’ and incrementally promotes more and more rightwing views which go unchallenged. Headlines from just one week show the half-truths that we absorb.

Abuse Deterring Women From Politics

Theresa May made the headlines when she proposed a new offence of Intimidation In Public Life. May said that ‘bitterness and aggression’ were coarsening politics. And she recognised that the people disproportionately abuse Blacks, minority ethnics and LGBT politicians.

And if anybody has an understanding how savage the life of a Black female politician can be it is the Tories. The Tories and the rightwing media ‘Attacked Diane Abbott like a pack of hounds’. Abbot received almost half of 25,688 abusive tweets received by female MPs in just 6 months. The public were aping their political masters.

Alan Pearmain, Tory councillor, shared a tweet portraying Abbott as an ape wearing lipstick who should be in a zoo. May’s proposed law is unlikely to jail Pearmain instead of just suspending him. Alas, Tory careers are not limited by racism.

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Nursing Numbers Continue To Fall

Tory careers are not limited by failure either. The headlines read that fewer students are registering to become nurses. It is not surprising, they pay to train and are then rewarded with low pay and long hours. Headlines state NHS Waiting times at A&E are the worst on record.

Despite the headlines, the rightwing media has not held Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, to account. The Media allowed Hunt to apologise unchallenged although the failings of the NHS lay with him. Unlike Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba who is a scapegoat for the failing NHS.

Dr Bawa-Garba a hijab-wearing British-Nigerian junior paediatrician was struck off after the tragic death of a 6yr-old boy. The Medical Community have grave concerns over her dismissal. They feel the High Court did not consider the NHS system-wide failings and exceptional pressures faced by staff.

Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba fits neatly into the profile of the rightwing enemy, Jeremy Hunt, does not.

George Soros, secret plot to thwart Brexit

The Telegraph said that Jewish billionaire George Soros is secretly plotting to ‘overturn’ Brexit. Nick Timothy, Theresa May’s former Chief of Staff, worded it to ignite the public fury. So, it is not just a ‘plot’ but a ‘secret plot’. The headline read

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Richard Tice, Brexiteer, joined in the condemnation of a foreign billionaire involved in British politics (video below). Soros’s race and religion are irrelevant but the use reinforces the tacit view that rich Jews run the world.

There is no secret plot. George Soros openly contributes to Best For Britain a cross-party organisation. Their website is easily accessible and they advertise. Their campaign and funding are transparent unlike Brexit’s.

The Bad Boys of Brexit include the American billionaire Robert Mercer. Anonymous donors channelled money through Northern Ireland and the Electoral Commission is investigating Vote Leave for various reasons.

Headlines and Half-Truths

The British media fails in its duty to hold power to account. That is because they share the same agenda as rightwing politics.  Almost 78% of Britain’s press is owned by a handful of mostly foreign-based billionaires. Like Australian Rupert Murdoch. So, foreigners do have a large hand in setting the direction of British values and politics; they also have privileged access to politicians.

Rather than protect our democracy and liberty, the rightwing media perverts it, following the elite’s cultural hegemony. Beware the headlines they are half-truths that do not necessarily represent our best interests.

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