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the gift of gratitude

Gratitude helps us with positive emotions and to relish good experiences. If my words and work have moved, inspired, or helped you in any way, you can express your thanks with a gift of gratitude.

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Gratitude is officially good for your health. Research has found that it is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. That is in part because gratitude is recognition that goodness also happens outside of ourselves. Even just saying thank you makes a difference to our well-being. There is nothing so small we cannot be grateful for it.

The word gratitude comes from the Latin word gratia, which means grace, graciousness, or gratefulness. We can experience the gift of gratitude in a myriad of ways, from a stranger’s smile to an unexpected opportunity.

Cultivate Gratitude

I keep a gratitude journal. Crazy hours mean that I don’t always complete it every day. But, I do say thank you and count my blessings daily. And you can too. Start or nurture your relationship with gratitude by always remembering to say thank you. Find the time to pause, perhaps weekly, and count your blessings. And use your meditation and prayers to remember the good things for which you are grateful. That may include hearing the birds, the warmth of the sun, and having people who share our life. The practise will change the way your brain works and hardwire your path to happiness.

Soul Pancake ran an experiment. Volunteers wrote down the name of a person to whom they were grateful. They included the reasons they were grateful. The volunteers experienced a tremendous rise in their happiness when they called the person to say thank you.  

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