I have Covid-19 AKA Corona licked. The virus, which is not new, has come back with a vengeance. Or so it thought. We locked it down for a few months, apparently not airtight enough. And along comes the second wave.


But although Covid-19 is smart, our government is smarter. No science is necessary. Covid-19 is a lazy virus. How do I know? The government told me so. It sleeps all day and comes out at night. At 22:01 to be precise.

So, we are safe to go to work. And keep tax-dodging businesses alive. Being an office worker, social distancing on the tube is not necessary. Covid-19 is asleep. If Covid-19 should rise early, that’s okay too. Covid-19 is a showoff and only performs for groups of more than six.

So eat, drink and make merry all day, but at 22:01 Covid-19 starts its day. Be a group of one. Stand alone, don’t throw Covid-19 a bone.