Dear Brother,

You are a valued member of our community and our lives. We all get it wrong sometimes, thank goodness, more proof we are human; as is the need to talk, share and be part of other peoples lives.

Talking is the key. Honest, open, frank discussion but I am afraid that the rules of society have failed to allow you to be, open, frank and honest about your feelings. Your right to cry. You do know that you have a right to cry. Please use that right.

You are a child of the universe and have a right to be here experiencing the full range of human emotions. Don’t let anybody deny you that…any more.

With heart felt wishes,
Oracle xxx

ps if you need to talk urgently call

NHS 111
Samaritans: 0845 790 9090
SANE: 0845 767 8000 (6pm-11pm, every day)