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Pick O The Week Flesh & Bone @ Soho Theatre 

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What’s On 💫
Flesh & Bone @ Soho Theatre
Until 21 July Tickets


Flesh & Bone a tour of a working-class London estate. It smashes together a host of monologues, skits and short scenes, all set on the same East London estate.

It’s a vibrant, visceral world of pub fights and phone sex, with a cast of drug-dealers, geezers and gobshites. Oh, and the council’s always on the phone, with constant warnings about the tower block’s scheduled demolition…


Feast your eyes upon the depravity, triumphs and utter hilarity of the underprivileged in a vivid and fast-paced ride through a working class estate which fuses Shakespeare-inspired lyricism with cockney accents. Award-winning Unpolished Theatre will thrust you into their stories, hold you by the scruff of the neck, and make you listen.

Flick O The Week Pin Cushion

What’s on pin cushion | www.imjussayin.com/whatson

What’s On Recommends
Pin Cushion 15 82 mins @ Rich Mix
19 July


A deliciously dark and utterly distinctive British debut.

Lyn (Joanna Scanlan) and her daughter Iona (rising star Lily Newmark) arrive in town looking for a fresh start, but as Iona longs for a life beyond the confines of their home, the eccentric fantasy world they’ve built for themselves starts to crumble.
Casting a keen eye on the complex relationships between women, Haywood infuses a gloriously dreamlike, fairytale quality with shards of something much sharper and more troubling.


what's on July Sisterhood 1 | imjussayin.com/whatson

What’s On Recommends
Sisterhood @ Omnibus Theatre
17 – 18 July Tickets


As the analogue world disappears into the mists of time Sisterhood explores what kind of world we are leaving to our daughters of the digital age.

Three women, aged 20, 40 and 60 (But not a virgin, mother or hag in sight) set about unpicking the fine weave of existence, re-examining with fresh and furious eyes the threads of gender, fertility, sexual assault, our collective future and the state of feminism today.


Sisterhood (an interactive show) is a newly devised multimedia tale introducing you to a sisterhood caught between two timelines: the witch trials of the 16thC and modern-day women facing a world in political and environmental upheaval.

Sisterhood transports the audience, in this extra-live performance, to a church cell in Wilmington, where three women await their trial in the morning. Soothing and passionate storytelling interweaves the stories of these three women with vestiges from the performers own lives, to reveal an immediate and clear association.

Together we’ll discover what taboos need eating? Which sacred cows we should slaughter? What will help us to thrive? But most importantly of all… How we are going to sort this bloody mess out?

What’s On Recommends
what's on FEM FATALE | www.imjussayin.com/whatson
Femme Fatale @ Wilton
17 July Tickets


Nico and Valerie Solanas – Warhol’s muse and his would-be assassin – meet in a hotel room, in this black comedy about fame, failure and firearms.


The Chelsea Hotel, New York, 1968. Nico, German actress and singer with The Velvet Underground is waiting to shoot her role in Andy Warhol’s latest movie and for her lover, Jim Morrison, when her room is invaded by Valerie Solanas, radical feminist and would-be Warhol assassin. A duel to the death begins…

One hundred years since women got the vote, and thirty years since Valerie and Nico died, Fireraisers present a reimagining of two female pop culture icons at the epicentre of ‘60s cool battling for control of their own destinies.

What’s on dub me always | www.imjussayin.com/whatson

What’s On Recommends
Dud Me Always Upstairs @ Upstairs Ritzy
18 July


Dub Me Always presents another sound system special, when guest selectors Wassie One and Soft Wax join host, DJ David Katz. Dub Me Always presents another sound system special, when guest selectors Wassie One and Soft Wax join host, DJ David Katz.


Wassie played house parties in the 1980s and was in The Prosecutors and Brothers by Nature, before making Twelve12 Sound System a focal point of Brixton Splash. Soft Wax has run reggae nights since presenting Steel Pulse at Lancaster University in 1977; he currently hosts a monthly event at the Fox & Firkin. Expect ska, rock steady, roots reggae and foundation dancehall, original vinyl style.

what's on July EAST WALL | www.imjussayin.com/what son

What’s On Recommends
East Wall @ The Tower of London
18 – 22 July Tickets


Storm the Tower along with more than 150 performers for a spectacular collision of music and dance this summer, inspired by the communities of East London.


From grime to gospel, krump to contemporary, this epic production will indulge your senses in a tapestry of music and dance that celebrates East London’s diversity and puts its rich cultural heritage centre stage.

Climb into the moat to witness this summer’s biggest dance spectacular and experience the thrill of the new, as traditions are turned on their heads and remixed in bold, unique and life affirming ways.

Book now to spend an unforgettable summer night in a family festival atmosphere. Come experience the history of London’s most iconic building brought to breath-taking life by some of the city’s most exciting artists.
The site will be open from 6pm and there will be food stalls both in the moat and on the hill.


whats on NO EXIT | www.imjussayin.com/whats on

What’s On Recommends
No Exit @ Bread & Roses
19 – 21 July Tickets


Three deceased souls. One room. One locked door. This unforgettable portrayal of hell created in 1944 by Jean-Paul Sartre is being brought back to life by The Roses Theatre Company. The theme of this play is summed up in the famous monologue: “Hell is other people”.

A claustrophobic piece of theatre examining how self-loathing and other people’s perceptions have the power to destroy. Will you dare to enter the torture chamber?


Garcin: Matthew Stewart
Inez: Nicole Wood
Estelle: Emily Elfer
The Valet: James Sheppard


What’s On Recommends
Africa Utopia @ Southbank
19 – 22 July Tickets


Africa Utopia – Celebrate the arts and culture of one of the world’s most dynamic and fast-changing continents, featuring talks, workshops, music, performances, fashion and food.

Africa Utopia festival is inspired by the theme of Pan-Africanism. And how the arts, activism and social change are leading the way in bringing the Pan-African dream closer to reality.

Throughout leading African and diaspora artists, thinkers and innovators discuss art and ideas from across the continent that are changing the world.

This year’s packed talks programme covers everything from Afrofuturism to Nigerian queer fiction to Nelson Mandela’s complicated relationship with the Pan-African movement.


Highlights from Africa Utopia

United States of Africa: The Future of Pan-Africanism – This panel looks to the future of the African continent and asks: is the Pan-African dream finally becoming a reality?

The New Radicals – Look to the future as this panel of thought leaders discuss what’s next for the African continent. Who are today’s Pan-Africanists, and how are they working across borders to create social change?

She Called Me Woman – Come and listen to live readings from the newly published She Called Me Woman – a collection of 25 stories that paint a vivid portrait of life as a queer Nigerian woman, from the resistance and resilience to the joy and laughter.

Pram Jam – The ever-popular Pram Jam returns for a session influenced by African music and dance, as part of Africa Utopia. Open to all abilities, the workshop invites children aged five and under and their carers/parents to move, groove and sing along to wonderful rhythms.

Afro Dance Championships – Dancers aged 11 and over battle it out to Afrobeats at this free dance workshop led by hip-hop dance pros HomeBros. See solo, duo and group battles at this event, which brings people together to embrace African culture and let loose on the dance floor.


What’s On Recommends
Numbi Festival – Repair & Rebellion @ Rich Mix
21 July Only


A celebration of heritage, East and British Somali community, featuring storytelling, films, poetry, music and literature. This year the Numbi Festival dives into the theme of Repair and Rebellion..


Expect an afternoon of carefully crafted workshops including…

Digital storytelling with Smartphone Video, the three-hour workshop will cover the technical and narrative aspects of shooting, recording and editing video using smartphones with Imran Azam from This is Reel and Urban Affinity.

Studio portraiture sourced from migrant families. Recreating a space for attendees to be transported back in time and reflect on the importance of family photos to send back home. Please come dressed to impress and ready to pose with Asma Kabadeh, Hodan Elmi and Nadyah Aissa.
Plus an evening  of live poetry and musical performances ending with a ceremonial musical and spoken word tribute to the iconic Poly Styrene, featuring Numbi resident artists and special guests.

Plus traditional Whole food


Website: www.numbi.org

what's on judgement | www.imjussayin.com/whatson

What’s On Recommends
Judgement @ Bread & Roses
21 – 25 July Tickets


“Am I not fit for return to the war? Am I otherwise than normal? Less than human?”.


Based on a true story, Judgement puts us face to face with one soldier’s reality and asks us to put his fate in our hands.

Hear the facts laid bare in a stark account of what human survival in it’s darkest hour truly means.

what's on Channel One | www.imjussayin.com/whatson

What’s On Recommends
Channel One Soundsystem @ Village Underground
22 July Tickets


The nation’s most loved sound system Channel One return Eastside for a Mid-Summer Late Session. Expect a night of Roots Reggae, classic Dubplates, weighty bass lines and positive vibes, as the legendary selectors shell it down once again at Village Underground.


Grab tickets now only £5

Strictly over 18’s only. ID required for entry. Tickets guarantee entry before midnight only. Tickets are non-transferable. R.O.A.R. Re-Entry is discretionary

what's on OLD SOULS | www.imjussayim.com/whatson

What’s On Recommends
Old Souls @ Bread & Roses
25 July Tickets


A heart-warming comedy play following Rosie and Vera who are brought together through a Befriend the Elderly scheme. ​


A heart-warming comedy play following Rosie and Vera who are brought together through a Befriend the Elderly scheme.

Rosie: a 21-year-old amateur baker, living a self imposed life of solitary dullness, and Vera: a 78-year-old who longs for the vivacious days of her youth.

Can cakes and Irish coffee really bridge their generational gap? Check in on these Old Souls in this hilarious new play by writer and comedian Vicki Sargent. ‘Comedy gold’ **** (Mumble Comedy).

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