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Locked Up @ Tristan Bates
Until 28 July Tickets


Locked Up is a dark, wryly humorous and scarily relevant new play written by Heather Simpkin. It explores trust, betrayal and comradeship in times of trouble.

It directly engages with the current political and social landscape whilst addressing the nature of integrity and honesty in everyone, from the most powerful to the voiceless and vulnerable in society.


Two men are trapped in a confined space which they interpret as their cell. Since being taken against their will, the only world that exists for them is that cell and an enigmatic White Room where there are few clues to their immediate predicament…

Desperation grows as Declan (Samuel Ranger) and Topher (Conor Cook) try to find a way out and discover answers to their questions. They have no idea who has taken them or why.

As the tension builds both characters reflect upon each other and their situation. Will they buckle under the strain of emotional endurance or can they remain rational enough to piece together the twists and turns of their absurd situation?

Locked Up is poignant, wryly humorous and scarily relevant.

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