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Self-Harm Is A Problem

It’s time for help Self-harm is no longer just a response to sexual abuse. Bullying, stress at school and social media are all contributory factors to its alarming growth. NHS figures suggest a 20 per cent rise in hospital admissions in England Wales and Northern Ireland among 10 to 19-years-old with self-harm injuries. Acts of…

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Are You Depressed ?

If you think you are depressed, take this test it is safe and it will give you an  indication.  Talk to your GP, one in four people do.  If you don’t have a GP this link will find one in your area. If you are note sure about what to expect  here are some experiences of minority groups using the mental health…

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Brother Your Mental Health Matters – An Open Letter

Dear Brother, You are a valued member of our community and our lives. We all get it wrong sometimes, thank goodness, more proof we are human; as is the need to talk, share and be part of other peoples lives. Talking is the key. Honest, open, frank discussion but I am afraid that the rules…

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