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Whatever Happened To Personal Responsibility

Today, leaders frequently identify a fault as being somewhere else, like at the Home Office, and then apologise. A resignation will not follow because leaders, e.g. politicians, don’t take responsibility for their incompetence. But leadership without accountability is poor practice, and we have to change that.

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Unelected Conservatives Distort Our Democracy

It’s funny old times in that unelected conservatives are running our democracy and are undermining our democracy. And on an undemocratic but Royal note, I’m puzzled by Royal hospitality.

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How Tories Created Our Hostile Environment

Theresa May did not create the hostile environment with her immigration policy; it was an extension of the Tory’s existing hostile enviroment culture.  So, we have to push back before Caring Society become a thing of the past.

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Hurling Cruise Missiles On Syria

May and Trump justify their military action against Syria on humanitarian grounds. But their justification for war is inconsistent with their foreign policy. And what they seek to achieve by taking military action is unclear.

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What to do when your colleagues are kitchen bandits

At work office kitchen etiquette is not always a laughing matter. Stolen lunches, smelly food and dirty dishes can be a nightmare. Here’s how we can tackle it.

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Russia Poison Proof Principle

Theresa May’s claim that Russia attempted murder on British soil has whipped up fervent patriotism. But we are losing sight of two important issues, the question of proof and quality of May’s punishment.

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Disenfranchising The Black & Vulnerable Vote

Black women earned my right to vote in beatings and blood. Now the Tories are erecting barriers that likely stop the Black vote. It will also prevent other vulnerable groups voting. The Tories, on the sly behind the furore of Brexit, are introducing photographic voter ID.

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Guns Over Her Dead Body

Defenders of guns and politicians hide the pattern of domestic abuse and gun crime with talk of the Second Amendment and foreign terrorism. The media reserves the headlines for mass shootings.  So, the fact that gun owning partners kill women at an alarming rate does not make the news and prevents furthering gun control.

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Women – Human Rights At Last?

Women still have to fight for the human right to live free of violence. All justice institutions, systematically let women down. The Human Rights Act may hold them and the government to account, but only as long as there are human rights.

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