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Election Result Corbyn’s Labour Life Affirming and Honest

I’m rejoicing at the election result; it is better than I hoped. Instead of the Tories coming back with a smaller majority as I thought, they have to form a coalition. So, that will put paid to Theresa May’s dream of being an elected dictator. It’s rather ironic that the Tory scaremongering of a ‘coalition…

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Too Many Tories Are Bad For Our Health

Tory austerity measures are damaging our health. A Tory victory will hasten the demise of the NHS, negatively impact on social care & mental well-being.

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Jeremy Corbyn v Theresa May : Poison v Policy

When Theresa May called the election, to silence her party’s Eurosceptics, her lead was unassailable. The thrust of her campaign was to choose between Jeremy Corbyn and herself. Corbyn was written off as the jester. Nonetheless, Corbyn is eroding May’s lead. So, the ‘nasty party’ are again trying to undermine Corbyn with a spate of…

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Labour – A Disease In The Public Mind

The attacks on Corbyn leaves us with a bad taste for Labour and reward the Tories with an undeserved reputation for good government. Importantly, it undermines democracy.

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Keith Vaz’s Resignation Was Overdue

  In the wake of the allegations that he paid for the services of two male prostitutes, Keith Vaz has resigned as the chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee.  Since 2007 he had headed this most influential Commons’ committee. He was not fit to be appointed because in his words “Those who hold others…

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Parliamentary Labour Party vs Corbyn

Blaming Corbyn for Brexit is incomprehensible. The Parliament Labour Party seized an opportunity to foster their ambitions above the needs of the nation but leadership is about purpose and belief.

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Corbyn’s Wrong!

Jeremy Corbyn (JC) did not sing the national anthem at the Battle of Britain memorial service.  Corbyn’s refusal to sing God Save the Queen effectively means that “Corbyn snubs Queen and country” (Daily Telegraph). Actually, it was not a snub to our country. The national anthem is not about the country nor the lives of the soldiers who…

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Jeremy Corbyn – The Peoples Choice

I have observed with great interest the closing of ranks between the political establishment and the media against Jeremy Corbyn, the people’s choice and not Rupert Murdoch’s. Corbyn must surely be the most misquoted man in history. Whatever he says becomes a scary headline. One of my favourites is The Telegraph 21 August 2015, ‘Corbyn…

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